Tuesday, March 06, 2018

A Day Trip

We were blessed with sunshine when we went to see Doug's brother, Dennis, on Saturday. Even with the sunshine, the temperature was too cold to spend much time outside, especially with Dennis in his wheelchair; but I snapped a few photos through the car's windows.

The first image is of an American Sycamore tree. To me, these trees seem most beautiful in the winter.

20180306 A Day Trip
American Sycamore

Next is a cemetery in which most of the trees grow slanted to the right. That phenomenon intrigues me. I can only assume that there is a strong predominant wind from the left.

Reese Cemetery

The first two images were taken before we picked Dennis up at his apartment. Since it's much easier for Dennis to get in and out of the front seat, I shot the next photos from the back seat as we took a drive after having lunch at Arlene's Truck Stop.

Barns on a Back Road

A View Along One of the Back Roads We Traveled

The Dutch Star RV parked in the driveway seemed bigger than the house.

You'll just have to trust me on the beautiful images I saw but didn't capture. Shooting from a moving car, especially when the subject is also moving, can be tricky. There were some beautiful hawks, the pictures of which exist only in my mind.

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